‡ We believe fantasy remains a human right and it is our objective to promote artists and their work who in our opinion are preoccupied with a personal archaeology, far from any mechanistic and empirical means of witnessing ‡ Makers who hold central to their practice the link between consciousness, culture and the western inner tradition ‡ Through the cultivation of drawing, the impetus of the press is to explore historical ideas surrounding the possible descriptions of thought through image ‡ We want to investigate the customs and ceremonies involved in the prosaic acts of daily life, and identify the rituals and catalysts that surround indicative experiences and artistic production ‡ To encourage an approach and understanding of form and image, directly deciphered from the raw material that rises from the unconscious ‡ And, to make books with artists who do not see themselves as makers of fiction, but rather set themselves as translators ‡ Practitioners who do not invent but rather discover something, presenting found material and translating it for the first time ‡ To visit the press or make an enquiry into purchasing a book or magazine, please contact us by email at mrspatersonspress@gmail.com ‡ Selected titles can be also be found in such outlets as the Tate Modern bookshop, Tenderbooks and the Victoria Miro Gallery ‡ The High Chief poo-bars of that Chamber of Ishness, big brother, little brother and Dr Ken ‡